About Second Look



What types of items can I sell on Second Look?

You can resell new and preloved clothes, shoes, and accessories for brides and bridesmaids, purchased within the last five years. Wedding gowns are welcome! Only items that were specifically purchased for a wedding event may be sold through Second Look.

What brands do you accept?

We know each bride and bridesmaid's budget and aesthetic are diverse. All brands are welcome at Second Look! 

What is your fee policy?

It's free to list an item for sale on Second Look. In order to maintain this platform and community, 20% of the selling bride's listing price will go to Second Look when an item is sold. 

Can I trust buying and selling on Second Look?

Second Look takes a number of measures so that you can feel safe buying and selling on our platform. We use Stripe to securely process payments.  To ensure that the seller has the actual item they've listed, we require that they post an original photo of the item itself, in addition to providing detailed information about the item including its condition and fit. Also, after a sale is complete, both the buyer and seller will have the opportunity to leave reviews on each other's profiles about the transaction. 

How do I price my item?

When pricing your item for sale, we recommend listing your items at least 30% below retail price. We also suggest pricing based on the condition of and demand for the item, as well as browsing Second Look to see what similar listings are priced at. Also, ask yourself if you would pay the price you’re listing it for. If your item is not selling, you may need to consider lowering your price!

How do I determine the shipping price?

We recommend using flat rate shipping through USPS (current pricing accessible here). Alternatively, we recommend confirming the buyer's shipping address before accepting a request to buy your item, and calculating the postage price using the USPS price calculator, accessible here

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. 

If a bride or wedding party member does not receive the item they purchased or the item they receive is not as described, they may contact us at hello@secondlook.co and we will assist with resolving the issue.

How do I close a listing?

Visit the item listing page and select "Close listing" on the right side menu, under the listing price and above your username. If you're on a mobile device, you'll scroll down to the bottom of the item listing page and it will also be under the listing price and above your username.

How do I make an offer on an item?

You can make an offer by posting a comment on the item listing page. Alternatively, you can select Contact under the selling bride's username to send her a message.

How do I accept an offer on an item?

You can accept an offer by changing the listing price on the item listing page. The interested bride or wedding party member may then purchase your item at the new price. 

When should I mark an item order as complete?

Our brides who bought an item should mark the order as complete after they receive the item in the mail.

How do I get paid when my item has sold?

To ensure you'll get paid seamlessly and securely after an item is delivered, you'll provide your payment info when setting up your Second Look account. We use Stripe to securely process payments, which requires your bank account info to quickly transfer your payment. This way, you'll get paid by direct deposit shortly after the transaction is complete rather than having to wait until a quarterly date! 

How do I share my feedback?

We'd love to hear any feedback you have about your experience with our site! You can submit any feedback here.

Have another question?

We want to hear from you! Email us at hello@secondlook.co.